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Kitesurfen / Snowkiten / SUP (Stand Up Paddle) with Shop & School in Zürich City.


Many years of experience and qualified Instructors VDWS / IOSUP / ISA on the water and snow, KITESWISS is based on the know-how to guide customers in the Shop to buy the most suitable equipment, to teach Kitesurfing Worldwide and Snowkiting in Switzerland for the most exciting adventurous experiences!

The new trend sport Kitesurfing / Snowkiting / SUP enables any exceptionally gifted athlete the unlimited freedom on the water and on the snow experience.

The customer of KITESWISS has a huge opportunity to experience a passionate feeling for water sports and experience a totally new dimension in the field!

The Adventure Tours of KITESWISS brings water sports enthusiasts to the most exciting Kitesurfing places in the World offering the most extreme flat and wavy conditions. 


The strength of KITESWISS is selection, detail and flexibility: bringing the right customers to the right spots.


Apart from the standard events abroad, KITESWISS can also organize customized programs for individuals or exclusive groups for a minimum of 5-6 people.

It is crucial that beginners are enrolled properly from the start with theoretical basic knowledge; such as required wind conditions, what material or equipment is most suitable and appropriate, etc. The basics and detailed technique is the key for the right start and good learning experience. KITESWISS goes through these basics with rigour and technique before the Students are able to go on the water or on the snow.


KITESWISS is more than a Kite School. In the foreground is the security and in addition to that the student is aware of the prevailing weather conditions and is aware of those so forces of nature can be respected.


We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


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